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Welcome to the Oracle RAC SIG. Our purpose is to advance RAC awareness and adoption while enhancing the experience of current RAC users by providing a forum for technical interchange.
Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) provides a highly available, scalable and manageable solution by sharing complete access to a single database among nodes in a cluster. This shared access removes any single point of failure from the database solution. Even during a system fault in one of the nodes, data can continue to be accessed from any of the remaining nodes. Committed work on the failed node is recovered automatically without administrator intervention and without data loss. RAC is an Oracle Corporation exclusive technology that enables building large systems from commodity components and is the foundation for Enterprise GRID computing.
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10-SEP-14[ITALIAN] Gestisci Oracle RAC più facilmente con i Policy-Managed Database
Presented by Ludovico Caldara, Senior Consultant at Trivadis
Oracle RAC Policy-Managed Database (PMD)è una tecnologia potente ma ancora poco utilizzata, introdotta con Oracle Database 11g Release 2 per automatizzare l’amministrazione delle istanze RAC in clusters multi-nodo. In questa sessione verranno ricapitolate le caratteristiche del Policy-Managed Database e i benefici ottenuti rispetto ai tradizionali RAC administrator-managed. Verranno evidenziate anche le nuove funzionalità introdotte col Grid Infrastructure 12c relative alla tecnologia PMD.
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visual GRID29-JUL-14Sergey Khochaydocs
visual GRID29-JUL-14Sergey Khochaydocs
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