Website Chair

The website chair helps improve the RAC SIG website which is the front door to our members. The website chair will work very closely w/ the librarian chair, and will have the ability to recruit other RAC SIG members to help them for specific tasks. Generally the RAC SIG chair owns the RAC SIG website, and is responsible for improving the usefulness of the site.

Please note that Web Site Chair includes WordPress/LAMP skills so the candidate should either have working knowledge or able to acquire it quickly which can require noticeable time commitment.

The website chair has the ability to select and prioritize what to change on the RAC SIG website, but some ideas previously discussed include:

  • Updated theme¬†with a fresh look and feel
  • Improved organization of documents
  • Setup a document review process for submitted documents
  • Creation of new areas for tracking RAC related blogs, books, etc. as are codetermined w/ the librarian chair
  • Creation of RSS feeds
  • Integration of RAC SIG calendar w/ Google calendar
  • Document/Webseminar reviews/ratings

These duties require resonable knowledge of web development and are done using WordPress on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). Amount of time commitment can be highly variable, but should probably average about 1 hour per week. This position also carries board membership and will participate in monthly board meetings to discuss upcoming events and general RAC SIG business. These meetings are conference calls that are scheduled at a time that works well for all board members.

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