Web Seminar Chair

The candidate should be well organised and able to timely manage webinars schedule. The position doesn’t require significant RAC technology qualifications but the emphasasis is on being able to regularly manage webinar schedule. This is a great position to start volunteering in the communittee.

  • Responsible and organized
  • Attention to details
  • Basic knowledge of Orace RAC technology
  • Ability to coordinate in North American time-zone
  • Preferably to be RAC SIG member for at least a year

The web seminar chair handles the RAC SIG webcast series. Specific duties involve:

  • Setting the web seminar schedule
  • Coordinate with the board on identifying and contacting potential presenters
  • Prepare the webinar room and assist the presenter (sound check, help with the Q&A session)
  • Obtaining presenter’s slides for review
  • Posting the presentations on the web site after the session
  • Perhaps most importantly, send timely reminder notifications to the whole SIG when webcasts are upcoming

These duties usually take about 1 hour per week and almost all the duties occur via web, so they can be done at almost any time. This position also carries board membership and will participate in regular board meetings to discuss upcoming events and general RAC SIG topics. These meetings are conference calls that are scheduled at a time that works well for all board members.

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