Vice President

The vice president is responsible for the membership and also holds a special place in the leadership of the SIG. Unlike some traditional systems of management, the RAC SIG vice president will serve 1 year and then become president. This means that the president position won’t be elected, but instead, the vice president will serve 1 year as vice president and then 2 years as president. Once the vice president becomes president, the vice president role will be empty for 1 year until the next election. If the president leaves office in that year, the board will choose a new acting president from the existing board members.

The vice president’s duties include the following:

  • Collaboration with the president in order to prepare for assumption of the president role
  • Identifying ways to increasing membership
  • Address the needs of the membership by capturing direct member feedback and working with other officers (like the website chair) to create plans for addressing feedback
  • Interface with the members at every opportunity including online via webcast chats and/or direct face-to-face events at conferences whenever possible
  • Take over the president role should the president leave office prior to the expiration of their term

These duties usually take about 1 hour per week and almost all the duties occur via web, so they can be done at almost any time. This position also carries board membership and will participate in regular board meetings to discuss upcoming events and general RAC SIG topics. These meetings are conference calls that are scheduled at a time that works well for all board members.

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