US Conference Events Chair and IOUG Liaison

The US Conference Events Chair and IOUG Liaison are combined as a single role as the duties of each overlap significantly. The duties of this role involve the following:

  • Coordinating with the IOUG on conference activities. At Collaborate, this includes reserving SIG session slots during the conference. At OOW, IOUG’s Forum Day activities are created by and with the SIGs, so participation in the planning process is essential.
  • Planning specific conference events. Usually: expert panel, birds of a feather (roundtable), RAC Attack workshop.
  • Ensuring that each conference event has a specific moderator and/or leader. The person in this role doesn’t necessarily have to be the moderator for any of the sessions, but they must ensure that someone is appointed to moderate and/or lead the session. For the roundtable and the RAC Attack, several people may be required to cooperate and collaborate to lead the discussions/workshop.
  • Prepare a post that summarizes all RAC-related sessions presented at the conference including technical sessions presented by others as well as RAC SIG events/sessions. This post is optionally printed for the conference.
  • At Collaborate, the IOUG SIG Reception requires representation from each SIG. This chairperson ensures that someone from the SIG (preferably from the SIG board) attends the reception and participates in every way possible and requested by IOUG.
  • The person in this role doesn’t necessarily have to attend the conference, though that will be beneficial to help coordinate all the activities.
  • Ensure that feedback on the SIG’s conference events can be captured for future improvement. Identify new and different ways to serve the members that attend the conferences.
  • Send reminder emails and informational notes to the SIG leading up to the conference. This is usually 2-3 reminders per conference (currently 2 conferences per year–Collaborate and OOW).

These duties usually peak in the weeks leading up to the conference. During the peak times, it may require up to 2 hours per week, but most of the time, only 0.5-1 hour per week is required. For the remainder of the year (when a conference event is not eminent), there is low activity (less than 0.5 hours per week average). This position also carries board membership and will participate in monthly board meetings to discuss upcoming events and general RAC SIG business. These meetings are conference calls that are scheduled at a time that works well for all board members.

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