International Chair

The position doesn’t require RAC technology qualifications but some experience organising community events and ability to lead and organise other volunteers around the world.

  • Basic leadership skills
  • Basic management/co-ordination skills
  • Basic knowledge of Orace RAC technology
  • RAC SIG membership for at least one year

The International Chair is responsible for communicating between the RAC SIG and the user group or groups that are assigned to them.

Specific duties include:

  • Develop international presence for RAC SIG
  • Coordination between the RAC SIG and the user groups
  • Attend user group leaders conference calls and user group meetings whenever possible
  • Create small presentations about the RAC SIG to be presented at user group meetings
  • Find potential RAC SIG webinar presenters at conferences and meetups

These duties usually take about 1 hour per week and almost all the duties occur via web, so they can be done at almost any time. This position also carries board membership and will participate in regular board meetings to discuss upcoming events and general RAC SIG topics. These meetings are conference calls that are scheduled at a time that works well for all board members.

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