Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agents for Linux – Oracle GoldenGate demo

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Date(s) - 30/08/2012
12:00 am UTC

Live Event
John McHugh, product Manger -Oracle Clusterware


The Oracle Grid Infrastructure and specifically the Oracle Clusterware component of the Grid Infrastructure has evolved beyond a purpose built clustering solution for Oracle Database high availability (HA). Oracle Clusterware, in the current and previous releases, provides an agent HA integration API for applications through the use of the Oracle Clusterware Scriptagent (see earlier RACSIG webcast –  Oracle Clusterware 11.2 High Availability – Plugging into the Oracle Clusterware Script Agent). Oracle Grid Infrastructure now provides tightly integrated bundled agents for application high availability for Linux. This webcast demonstrates the bundled agent for Oracle GoldenGate and the new agent CLI, AGCTL for bundled agent support.


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