How to Maintain RAC Availability and Performance with Oracle 12c Autonomous Health Framework

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Date(s) - 26/04/2017
4:00 pm UTC - 5:30 pm UTC

Live Event
Mark Scardina, Ankita Khandelwal


Maintaining the performance and availability of your Oracle RAC databases has meant learning to quickly react to issues using an array of utilities and features including ORAchk/EXAchk, Cluster Verification Utility, Cluster Health Monitor, etc.
In this session learn how these and new tools including Memory Guard, QoS Management, Collection Manager, Trace File Analyzer and Cluster Health Advisor have been integrated into a 24/7 framework that autonomously monitors, alerts, recommends and can take action to resolve issues before they become evident to your users.
Learn through demonstration of actual issues including database hangs, I/O latencies and CPU utilization problems how the new Oracle Database 12c / Rel. 2, Autonomous Health Framework provides early warnings, pinpoints specific causes and recommends or takes specific corrective action.



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