Elections 2017

The RAC SIG needs you! This year’s elections have four open positions in the board, do you want to join us? Submit your candidature!

If you’re ready, go directly to the candidature page (requires registration), otherwise, read ahead.

We can’t express why you should apply for a position better than how our former “President Gorbachev” did a few years ago:

If you are looking to kick start your community contributions or looking to volunteer more than what you already do, I have an awesome suggestion for you — nominate yourself to serve as an IOUG Oracle RAC SIG Board Officers volunteer. You don’t need to be an Oracle RAC expert to be successful in that role, but you do need to be disciplined, creative, and passionate about Oracle technology and the community. You must also have a bit of time to contribute regularly. I’d advise to plan to contribute at least an hour per week.

I’ve been engaged in RAC SIG for a while — first as a member, then as webinar and conference presenter, until I nominated myself to become Vice-President (and got elected) and turned into President in a year. I’ve now been the President for two years (President Gorbachev just sounds so right), and it’s time to step down and pass the torch to the new volunteers. We do not elect the President. Instead, the VP becomes the president after a year of service and serves for another two years. The VP is elected every 3 years and other board members are re-elected every 2 years. Participation in RAC SIG has been rewarding, and I’ve got to know lots of new people in the industry. – Alex Gorbachev (from Pythian Blog) –

It worked very well for Alex and all the other RAC SIG board members, so what are you waiting for?

This year we have four open positions, you can choose between:

The deadline for submitting the candidatures is Tuesday 5th September.

If you want to kickstart your Oracle Community experience, this is just the right move to do: Apply now!! (Requires a registration to the RAC SIG Website)

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