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Welcome to the Oracle Real Application Cluster Special Interest Group!

Our purpose is to advance Real Application Cluster awareness and adoption while enhancing the experience of current RAC users by providing a platform for technical interchange and an awesome set of Webinars and presentations.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) provides a highly available, scalable and manageable solution by sharing complete access to a single database among nodes in a cluster. This shared access removes any single point of failure from the database solution. Even during a system fault in one of the nodes, data can continue to be accessed from any of the remaining nodes. Committed work on the failed node is recovered automatically without administrator intervention and without data loss.

RAC SIG Webinars!

Oracle RAC, ASM & Clusteware Seminar series hosted by the Oracle RAC SIG, presented with alternating session by the SIG membership and Oracle. Check out the upcoming webinars or browse our archive!

RAC Attack!

RAC SIG ofter organises RAC Attack workshops at conferences or help people organizing them. RAC Attack events are the perfect mix of education, fun, and networking.